Photo by Judit Fazekas

Photo by Judit Fazekas

David Slotnick

David is a reporter and an amateur photographer from New York City. He writes for Business Insider and covers various topics, including products and services, in travel, transportation, personal finance — his main area is "travel hacking."

He left his job as a PR executive in 2017 to pursue his dream of writing, reporting, and sharing news, tips and information first hand. 

Born and raised in New York, David still remembers his first flight when he was only four years old: a U.S. Airways trip from New York-La Guardia to Palm Beach, Florida. He formed his love of travel around that and other family vacations, including to England at age eight and Namibia when he was 13. During college, a four-country trip around Europe with a friend cemented his passion for seeing the world.

David is obsessed with points and miles and loves that he can use them to travel more often and more comfortably (and luxuriously). He enjoys getting into the nitty gritty of different programs and finding the best deals. Using points, miles and deal-searching, he and his wife have flown both short and long haul trips in products ranging from economy to international first class.

David considers himself an #avgeek and is crazy about the journey, but is even more enthusiastic about actually being at the destination. He’s always eager to really get to know a new place; while conducting archival research for his master’s degree at the University of Edinburgh, he took advantage of the opportunity to explore the U.K.

Follow David on Twitter or on his personal blog, The City Miler, for his latest work and adventures.